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Product Info

Vintage Parasol - 1882Parasols have long been a smart and stylish way to protect one's face and upper body from the harsh rays of the sun. In ancient times it was believed that a parasol represented the Goddess Nut protecting her beloved subjects by spanning the sky from fingertips to toes with love and protection.

Parasols from Asia were hugely popular during Victorian times allowing ladies to keep their lovely skin as youthful and pale as possible. Now we know that keeping the sun away from one's face and décolletage is not just fashionable, it's essential for our well being.

Pamela's Parasols

Often imitated but never matched, our plain Pure and Simple parasols start out far healthier, cleaner and better constructed than any other parasols on the market.

Our Decorated styles like our original Monogrammed parasols started the parasol trend in outdoor events in 2003.

Monogrammed - Mono4Although many people have tried to replicate our styles, our hand painted designs, and our perfect painted colors, none have. The simple fact is painting letters on an untreated parasol - like all other parasol companies do - cannot create the same, perfect finished product that is a Pamela's Parasol. We add our painting artwork or rhinestones or flowers or feathers, or any of our decorations, onto our perfect painted parasol canvas to showcase the designs and bring your parasol accessory to a whole new level of quality and style.

Rice Paper and Bamboo

Pamela's Parasols are hand made of the finest rice paper and bamboo and we work with the only factory who offers untreated, raw, natural, sweet-smelling rice paper on bamboo handles to bring you the finest quality parasols available.

All parasols are hand-made and differ slightly: rice paper, bamboo and string [inside parasol] may differ in color, thickness or weight. This is part of the character and beauty of rice paper, bamboo and hand-made items.

The decorations on our specialty collection parasols may differ slightly as supply lots can vary.

Size and Dimensions

Adult parasols open up to a full sun shading 32" diameter [from edge to edge] and are 20-23" tall from bottom of handle to tip of topknot.

Forty percent smaller, our adorable Flowergirl Collection parasols are 20" in diameter and 16" tall to the perfect size for a 3-year old on up to 9 or 10-year olds. Older or taller children and junior bridesmaids are more comfortable with adult sized parasols. Parasols are not toys. Young children should never be left unattended with a parasol.

Some manufacturers offer 28" adult sizes [too small] and 40" [too big and heavy!], but our 32" size is, as Goldilocks would say, just right. A 32" wide adult parasol is the perfect size for one adult with enough room for a close friend to share the shade and is fantastic for seated guests to enjoy an outdoor ceremony without blocking the view.

The Difference in Parasols: Brand Comparison

The difference in parasols; quality you can see, feel...and even smell!? And we're GREEN!

Pamela's Parasols

Our Pure and Simple Our Painted Bases Hand Painted Monograms Our 4-painted color

Our Pure and Simple

Our Painted Bases

Hand Painted Monograms

Our 4-painted color

Pamela's Parasols Pure and Simple Parasols are "raw" un-painted rice paper, free of varnish or coatings to allow the naturally beautiful white of rice paper to show.

All Decorated Parasols have three to four layers of special paint - non-yellowing and water resistant - to ensure that they match bridal gowns beautifully. Our often imitated never matched, unparalleled Monogrammed and other Decorated parasols are hand painted by artists to be the finest work of art around.

Competitor's Parasols with Varnish

A 'White' Parasol The Varnish A Colored Parasol

A 'White' Parasol

The Varnish

A Colored Parasol

Sorry to get catty but here's the scoop. Unlike other parasols available, Pamela's Parasols adult-sized parasols are hand-made of the finest rice paper and bamboo and are thoroughly inspected to be free of mold, holes, warping and other drawbacks that plague cheaper parasols and fans. Most importantly - to you and to the earth - Pamela's Parasols adult parasols are free from the sticky, very stale and smelly, oil-based varnish that other parasols have, making ours the only environmentally friendly "GREEN" parasol on the market!


Made in China - LadyThe art of creating rice paper and bamboo parasols by hand, predominantly in one village in China, is a tradition passed down woman-to-woman over thousands of years.

Made in China - LadyAll parasols of rice paper and bamboo are made in China, but that's where the similarities end between Pamela's Parasols and the other companies' products.

Here's our take on the "made in China" issue... We believe that real change will come about in the way the Chinese government relates to the world and to their own people as the Chinese people find personal freedom and empowerment through free enterprise, respectful contact and balanced trade with the rest of the world. Once you realize that you can take of yourself and your loved ones and that you have the power and possibility to be free, as all people do, there's no stopping your evolution [or dare we say revolution] into a more compassionate person - works every time:) Peace.

Eco Friendly, GREEN and ORGANICS

Pamela's Parasols are made of rice paper and bamboo, rice being a natural fiber of course, and bamboo being a sustainable crop saving may trees from needless waste - yay! Also unlike every other rice paper parasol we have seen on the market, ours does not have that weird sticky varnish on top - yuck - see product comparison. The paint we use on top of decorated styles is water resistant and color fast - it is acrylic but is water based - no nasty oil-based paints with toxic clean up for us:)

The only non-green products we carry are the Budget Colors, Breast Cancer Walker and Walker with Balls and the Flowergirls. These styles come to us from a different manufacturer - with whom we are working to go green! These parasols have a very light resin coating. The Flowergirl styles are painted for aesthetics and to match the adult collections.


Rice paper is somewhat fragile in nature. Pamela's Parasols should be stored away from sharp objects or undue heat that builds up to over 90 deg. as in cars or attics.

Sun Protection

The Etymology of the word Parasol: Para means 'to protect' and Sol means 'sun'.

Pamela's Parasols offer cool relief from the sun's heat. Rice paper-even when treated with our special paint on the Decorator Collections- does not block 100 % of the sun's harmful Ultraviolet rays and one should always protect against reflective glare form streets and sand. Sun screen should always be worn when exposure to Ultraviolet rays is a risk.

Water Resistance

We've stood outside in a light Southern California rain at a magical wedding of two good friends where we all snuggled under parasols enjoying the faint rainbows sparkling in the misty drops all around us, but the key here is it was just 'Southern California rain'! Pamela's Pure and Simple Parasols are untreated rice paper and can handle light rain and any of the Decorated Collections Parasols have a layer of paint that is water and fade resistant so that water beads off of them and they stay true over time-just like love.

But please do not expect any parasol to withstand repeated downpours-they are not rain umbrellas- the word Parasol translates as: Para meaning 'to protect' and Sol meaning 'sun'.


Mono Set - Heart"Hello Pamela - I wanted to let you know that we received the parasols yesterday. We opened the box and they are beautiful! Thank you for a job well done - the parasols will certainly make Sarah's wedding day even more special. She was so excited to open the box and take out a parasol - then we both 'oohed' and 'ahhed' at how lovely they are. Thanks again."
- Carolyn C.

"I am a Bride to be and ordered 6 parasols already for my bridesmaids. I have to tell you I absolutely loved the personal touch that each one cute! So, needless to say I am ordering one for myself! Thanks!"
- Christine

"I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your beautiful parasols at my son's wedding. I placed two orders for 48 and 24, plus two lettered ones for the bride and groom. They were a lovely touch to a perfect day! Thank you for your quick and professional response. I will spread the word about you to friends."
- Lou Ann Wallner

"Pamela, I wanted to let you know that the parasol was absolutely perfect!..beautiful!...a true little detail that I love and it will be so fabulous in the pix. My daughter loved it....and it is a treasure!! Thank you so much for all of your attention to this matter--your phone calls and your concern about the "perfect" color. I appreciate your special attention so much, especially since I was not ordering this far in advance. I will recommend you to all brides, bridal parties and events! Thanks so much, with great appreciation for someone who still takes pride in their work!!!"
- Cassie Harpel

"I just wanted to say how much I loved the parasols! I think they turned out great and were a nice addition. I really loved the monogrammed one too and the color matching was perfect! Thanks again for everything! I will definitely recommend you!"
- Jennifer Farmer

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